What Is Natural Parenting?

What is natural parenting?

What Is Natural Parenting?  Natural parenting is an umbrella term for a number of parenting ideologies that all have the same goal: to birth and raise our children the way nature intended. Natural parenting encompasses ‘gentle parenting’, ‘attachment parenting’ and ‘conscious parenting’ practices.  The underlying philosophy behind natural parenting is to parent consciously and instinctively. […]

DIY Magical Unicorn Explosions Sensory Play Science Experiment

green and purple magical unicorn explosion

Welcome to the first post in my Unicorn Sensory Play series! I will be sharing lots of magical, sparkly, beautiful unicorn themed sensory play ideas over the next few weeks. Starting with these easy and absolutely stunning Magical Unicorn Explosions! After compiling my 30-day Activity Pack, I was inspired to create these magical unicorn explosions. Willow […]

7 Ways To Practice Mindfulness Meditation With Babies and Toddlers

7 ways to practice mindfulness with babies and toddlers

How to practice mindfulness meditation with babies and toddlers Mindfulness meditation refers to a meditative practice, originating from Buddhism, whereby your attention is directed to the present moment. Mindfulness meditation has wonderful benefits, including relaxation, greater emotional control, gratitude and improved mood. Scientists have shown that mindfulness meditation has positive effects on brain function and even improves immune function. […]