Easiest Sensory Play Idea You Need To Try Today! Rainbow Spaghetti.

Willow playing with rainbow spaghetti

Sensory play has so many benefits. You can read about the benefits of sensory play by clicking here. But sometimes it can be too much effort to set up sensory play for your little one. Have no fear! Today I am showing you a super simple, easy and cheap sensory play idea – rainbow spaghetti!

What you will need
  • A packet of spaghetti pasta
  • A pot for boiling
  • Water
  • Different shades of food coloring (I used 4)
  • A container of your choice
  • Rocks
  • Permanent marker
How to make rainbow spaghetti

Step one – Cook the pasta in a pot of boiling water according to the packet instructions.

spaghetti boiling rainbow spaghetti
Our spaghetti pre-rainbow

Step two – Rinse the spaghetti in cold water to cool it down, and separate into four bowls.

Step three – Add approx. 5 drops of food coloring to each bowl and mix.

Food coloring rainbow spaghetti
We used blue, pink, purple and green food coloring!
Rainbow spaghetti in bowls
Mixing in our colors.

Step four – Put the spaghetti in your chosen container. Keep the colors separate so that your little babe can have fun mixing them together!

rainbow spaghetti separated
our rainbow spaghetti, before it was toddler-fied!


Step five – draw numbers on some rocks and hide them in the spaghetti for an added learning element.

numbered rocks for rainbow spaghetti sensory play
I numbered these rocks from 1 – 5 using a permanent marker.

Step six – Time to play! Ask your little one to find the rocks and read them the numbers.


Willow playing with rainbow spaghetti
Admiring our rainbow spaghetti
Close up of rainbow spaghetti
Searching for those rocks!
Willow toddler sensory play in nature
Look mom, I found a rock!

Ask them what happens when they mix the colors together.

willow eating rainbow spaghetti
It’s edible too, incase your little one tries to take a bite…

Ask them to describe how it feels. Is it slimy, smooth, wet, squishy, stretchy? Is it wiggly like worms? What colors can they see?

Willow sensory play rainbow spaghetti
Wow, what will happen if I drop this?

Tip: Add some water if the spaghetti gets dry!

And that’s it! Have fun trying out this fun sensory play idea! Let me know if you have any sensory play suggestions you would like to share in the comments.


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