7 Ways To Practice Mindfulness Meditation With Babies and Toddlers

7 ways to practice mindfulness with babies and toddlers

How to practice mindfulness meditation with babies and toddlers Mindfulness meditation refers to a meditative practice, originating from Buddhism, whereby your attention is directed to the present moment. Mindfulness meditation has wonderful benefits, including relaxation, greater emotional control, gratitude and improved mood. Scientists have shown that mindfulness meditation has positive effects on brain function and even improves immune function. […]

Gentle Parenting vs. Attachment Parenting – Gentle Parenting Explained!

dad holding daughter gentle parenting

You may have heard the terms ‘attachment parenting’ or ‘gentle parenting’ being thrown about on social media, or gossiped about at your mother’s group. Attachment parenting is often a cause of controversy and debate, particularly on social media. Gentle parenting is less well-known, but is being discussed more and more.   But what exactly is […]